Egypt is located in Northeastern Africa

Did you know that most of Egypt is covered by the Sahara Desert and this part of the world gets little rainfall.  There is one major river in Egypt that is called the Nile River.  Some people have referred to Egypt as the gift of the Nile.  That is because the Nile River is so important to the people who live in Egypt.  If the Nile was not there, then people would not be able to survive in the dry, sandy desert climate.  It is estimated that about 99% of Egypt's population lives near the Nile River.

Egypt is one of the oldest known cultures in the world, dating back at least 51,000 years.  The history, and ruins of ancient Egypt draw many tourists all the time to visit this country.  Ancient Egypt was ruled by a person called a Pharaoh.  Many Pharaohs were buried in pyramids, that tourists can still see today in Egypt.  Another attraction that is special to Egypt is the Great Sphinx of Giza.  It is the largest statue to survive from ancient times.  It has the head of a man and the body of a lion. The statue is made of limestone. The Great Sphinx statue was built in approximately 2500 BC.

Egypts Foods

Bread is served at most every meal in Egypt.  The bread is usually made from corn, barley, or rice instead of wheat.  Rice, couscous, beans, and fruits are also served.  Egyptian people do not eat much meat, milk, or dairy foods.   When meat is eaten, it is usually beef, lamb, goat, or rabbit.

Did you know that Yellowstone is the most popular national park in America.

Yellowstone National Park was the first national park established in the world, and is the largest in America. The park was established in 1872 by Theodore Roosevelt, initially Yellowstone was looked after by the U.S. Army (this of course was prior to the creation of the national park service). 

Yellowstone is named for the yellow stone in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Yellowstone is located primarily in Montana but spreads also into Idaho and Wyoming. It has some of the most intricate systems of geysers and hot springs in the world and is home to the largest high altitude lake in the America, named Lake Yellowstone at over 7000 feet above sea level, and is 400 feet deep in some spots. 

Many People come to Yellowstone each year and some of the main attractions are camping, hiking, observing the wildlife, and seeing the famous geyser Old Faithful. Old Faithful erupts every 91 minutes. Wooden walkways allow tourists to get surprisingly close to the geyser.

The climate in the park varies due to elevation but the average highs are 70 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the Summer, 60 degrees to 30 Fahrenheit in the Spring and Fall, and in the Winter 20 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. (These are the high temperatures!) The parks average precipitation is about 150 inches per year depending on elevation and snow is known to occur anytime during the year.

Observing wildlife is a large attraction in the park. From wolves, and bison, to pronghorn deer and grizzly bears. In the early years of the park tourists were encouraged to feed the wildlife but this soon changed after numerous attacks of tourists occured.

Over 2 million (2,000,000) tourists visit Yellowstone each year and the park, in the peak season employs over 3,700 people.

Venice sits basically a group of small islands. The city has  a total of 118 islands altogether.

The city was not actually built on the islands. Instead, its structures are supported by a series of wooden platforms.  These platforms are secured by additional structures placed in the sea. Wondering why did the Venetians do this?  The lands themselves were not strong enough to support a regular building. As such, there are millions of “piles” underneath the Venetian lagoon.
Did you Know that Venice contains approximately 7,000 chimneys. They come in about 10 different styles and shapes. As for their bell towers, there are 170 of them. In Venetian culture, bell towers were a very important form of communication. 

San Marco is one of the tallest. San Marco is 275 feet tall. The tower collapsed in 1902. No humans were hurt in the accident.  Nevertheless, the tower was rebuilt to look exactly like it did when it was first constructed.

Venice has 177 canals and over 400 bridges.
The Grand Canal is the region’s largest. Possessing a unique S-shape, the canal splits the city in half. Three of the city’s bridges have been around since ancient times. These bridges seem sturdier than some of the more modern bridges constructed in the city. 

Venice is divided by quarters. There are six altogether. The city has 350 gondolas. Each year the town receives 18 million tourists. This equates to approximately 50,000 visitors each day.

Hiking near Tucson

Tucson is almost surrounded by five different mountain ranges, most of the ranges are protected as city and state parks, national forest, or national park. Within these public areas are hundreds of miles of trails offering hikers of all skill levels convenient access to unspoiled beauty. The landscapes range from cacti-covered hills to pine-topped mountains, making hiking and exploring an option every season of the year.


Southern Arizona is known as a photographer’s perfect setting. Nature, architecture, people, panoramic landscapes, the variety of subject matter is endless. Capture the colorful character of the Southwest with your digital camera, and have pictures that you will have for a lifetime of memories. Please remember not too forget to bring along your curiosity, and your sense of adventure as you take in the beautiful mountain backdrops, taking in the desert wildflowers, cacti and abundance of wildlife that call this area their home. 

Naples, Florida is bordered by the Gulf to the West and the Florida Everglades to the East. The city and whole area offers golfing, beaches, outdoor activities and luxury shopping.
Area Attractions:
If you decide to travel to the Naples Area please remember that Naples Florida is the home to several major land reserves, including the Corkscrew Swamp SanctuaryEverglades National ParkBig Cypress National PreserveFlorida Panther National Wildlife RefugeTen Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, and Picayune Strand State Forest

The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is well known not only for its immense 11,000 acres of landscape and wildlife, but also for a two and a half mile length boardwalk winding through the sanctuary. The Naples area is also home to the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens.