1943 was the first flight by a president, when Franklin Roosevelt flew to Casablanca to meet with Winston Churchill. Roosevelt got his own plane, which he called the Liberator and nicknamed “Guess Where 2.” Harry Truman’s plane was named the Independence, which could fly 350 miles per hour and had the latest innovations. One time when President Truman was flying to Missouri, his plan identification number was Air Force-610. At the same time there was another plane with the same identification number and the air traffic controller had to figure out how to identify them and thus Air Force One was born. Dwight Eisenhower was the first president to use a jet powered airplane and used it to travel to England, France, West Germany and 11 other nations. Jackie Kennedy gave it the colors, which still are used today. Air Force One, Boeing 707 made numerous until it was retired after 35 years, because it got too expensive to maintain. The Boeing 747-200 jumbo jet was released in 1990, during President Bush’s term and was nicknamed the “flying oval office.”
Transportation is a major factor in the United States today; we use it daily and may use multiple types all in one day. Without the support from the Presidents our transportation department’s growth would have been greatly stunted. 



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It's undeniable that airplanes play a vital role in this world. We should be very thankful to the people who invented this because without this, many things would not be possible today. In traveling and exploring the world, of course if the country you want to be in is too far from you, you're going to ride an airplane for you to be there. That's just one of the many benefits airplane has!

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What types do you use more often? Or it's a big secret?


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