French Quarters

When tourists or first-time residents come to New Orleans, they have a difficult time understanding the city, and its culture. It looks like no other place in the United States. There first impression usually comes from the appearance of the French Quarter near many of the city's hotels. 

It is more than just a few blocks of townhouses and cottages standing side-by-side, up against the sidewalk. The size of the district startles even those well traveled in the rest of the united states. 

Visitors are accustomed to such a diversity of people moving at all hours of the day and night in the very center of the city. People then quickly learn that bars have no closing hour, that the food is very spicy, and that the music is sounding off almost everywhere. And they may also take note that the locals speak differently but rarely have southern accents.



10/03/2016 11:48pm

I always wanted to get to New Orleans for a change and to visit a different culture, i want to write paper on all about New Orleans, it would be so much cheap to write and very much great to visit the place,thanks for sharing the article.

11/23/2017 5:50am

I am so curious about the culture of New Orleans and I guess that that is a great idea to visit and a best place for soul searching. I admire the ambiance of it due to it looks like you are in a big picture of retro and vintage at the same time. I also love spicy foods and I have heard that New Orleans one specialty is the spicy foods and I think that I will totally enjoy my stay here if ever. Thank you for sharing some thoughts about New Orleans.

03/08/2017 2:48am

Five years ago, a friend came to me complaining how strange they felt when they transferred in New Orleans. He told me that living there was totally a different life compare to their past residence. But he told me about what he liked about the most in New Orleans. It is the fact that bars there have no closing hours! He loves partying, and it's totally great for him!

03/12/2017 12:36pm

The beautiful streets of the French Quarters are something which hold special value to the citizens. Earlier ago, with the witch burning and all, it has become of remarkable importance as well because everyone happens to just go there.


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