Venice sits basically a group of small islands. The city has  a total of 118 islands altogether.

The city was not actually built on the islands. Instead, its structures are supported by a series of wooden platforms.  These platforms are secured by additional structures placed in the sea. Wondering why did the Venetians do this?  The lands themselves were not strong enough to support a regular building. As such, there are millions of “piles” underneath the Venetian lagoon.
Did you Know that Venice contains approximately 7,000 chimneys. They come in about 10 different styles and shapes. As for their bell towers, there are 170 of them. In Venetian culture, bell towers were a very important form of communication. 

San Marco is one of the tallest. San Marco is 275 feet tall. The tower collapsed in 1902. No humans were hurt in the accident.  Nevertheless, the tower was rebuilt to look exactly like it did when it was first constructed.

Venice has 177 canals and over 400 bridges.
The Grand Canal is the region’s largest. Possessing a unique S-shape, the canal splits the city in half. Three of the city’s bridges have been around since ancient times. These bridges seem sturdier than some of the more modern bridges constructed in the city. 

Venice is divided by quarters. There are six altogether. The city has 350 gondolas. Each year the town receives 18 million tourists. This equates to approximately 50,000 visitors each day.



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05/16/2017 5:02am

I've been to Venice, and saw how beautiful and relaxing this place is. We all know that it is famous for its canals that are being copied by different countries. But other than that, I don't know any other facts regarding Venice! Thank you for posting these tips. Now I became more familiar with this Italian city. Because of this article, I had the interest to go back to Venice!


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