Oh The Beaches

Bermuda is justifiably famous for pink-sand beaches, impossibly blue water, and kelly-green golf courses. But that's only the beginning. Thanks to its colorful past, this small sliver of land also has a surprising number of historic sites. In addition to countless quaint old cottages, it's said to have the oldest continually inhabited town of English origin in the Western Hemisphere and because of its strategic Atlantic location, more forts per square mile than any other place on earth.

When locals say they're going to "the beach," they're generally referring to Horseshoe Bay, the island's most popular. With clear water, a 0.3-mi crescent of pink sand, a vibrant social scene, and the uncluttered backdrop of South Shore Park, Horseshoe Bay has everything you could ask of a Bermudian beach. A snack bar, changing rooms, beach-rental facilities, and lifeguards add to its appeal. The Good Friday Annual Kite Festival also takes place here. The undertow can be strong, especially on the main beach.



08/18/2016 12:53am

I should visit this place someday. It's a great resort. Thanks for this post.


I have had my holidays there the last summer! Great time, hope I will back there one day!

05/01/2017 7:40pm

My family and I are planning to spend the summer abroad. Our choices were Bermuda, Hawaii and Bali. My kids created an online poll wherein people can vote to which is the best destination and higher votes are given to Bermuda. I landed on your page because I was doing my online research about the place. Horseshoe Bay I think is the best place to start swimming due to its out of this world pink sand and crystal blue waters. My kids would definitely scream out for joy when we get there.


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