Free Fun

If you’re looking for a place to take a pocket-wise vacation, consider Miami Florida, the glitzy-glam capital of sparkle and sun, but you’d be surprised to find that this city is an ideal travel destination full of places, things and events to enjoy for free or almost nearly free. From the beaches to outdoor yoga in the parks to an abundance amount of art and cultural events.

The main attraction in Miami is the always free and readily available picturesque weather. A typical winter Miami day is a comfortable high 70s. You can always count on year-round sunshine; Florida is, after all, known as the Sunshine State. Miami’s free beaches are aplenty and no matter where you stay, you’re sure to have one close enough to spend your days sunning by the water’s edge.



08/22/2016 1:55pm

Miami experience the heat is really an amazing place I seen all these pictures it was really attractive. I wish that I can go there and enjoy my life but I am ok and planning to go in this city to enjoy my life.

11/19/2016 4:02am

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11/26/2016 6:52am

Thank you so much for sharing the information,I recently have got back from miami to key west by bus and the trip was so great that it had made me write an excellent report with my friends,I will soon be visiting the place again

03/30/2017 8:33am

Am very excited to read about the Miami’s free fun. The details about this amazing place are very interesting though short but still very impressive. I think I will spend the next holidays in Miami with my family.


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