Driving in the Fog

The season is upon us where areas that are prone to fog will soon be covered in a blanket of white clouds. It can be challenging. Driving in fog, blowing dust, or even smoke should always be done with the headlights on LOW beam. You might think that the power of your high beams will help you see better but the reverse effect will occur. Use low beams. 

You should double the following distance you would normally maintain with the vehicle in front of you. If you can follow safely, follow the tail lamps of the car in front of you but maintain enough distance that if they should hit there brakes, you have plenty of time to react to avoid a accident. 

Another thing that you can do is to turn your emergency flashers on if you are worried about someone rear ending you. Use the right side striped lines as a guide but don't allow your right front wheels to touch or cross it. Sometimes people become so panicked that they pull off on the shoulder but not completely out of traffic. Expect this and be ready to react. Keep your window cracked so that you can hear a collision occurring around you.



10/08/2016 3:02am

Driving in fog can be really dangerous and a large number of people got accident because of it. So read these tips to know how to drive safe in foggy days to reach on your destination safely and easily.

04/17/2017 11:21pm

Driving in the fog is hard and dangerous, so better be more careful than driving with fog. I have bad eyesight so I really can't see well when there is for so I always asked my dad or brother to drive to avoid accidents. Thanks for your tips in driving during foggy weather I will take note of this so I can share it with my family and friends. A safety measure is necessary when driving not just in the fog, but in all different weathers. Accidents tend to happen due to not taking safety measures so in order to avoid getting in an accident always make sure that every part of the car is working.

12/01/2016 3:52am

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