The third largest island in the Caribbean is also one of the most colorful islands. Jamaica is paradise of white sand beaches and beautiful tropical flowers that sit on a background of the blue mountains. Jamaica is the adopted home of the Rasta, Jamaica is also a riot of red, gold and green. Jamaica is recognized as the birthplace of Bob Marley and of course, reggae is still the background music of the island. The rice and peas, rum, coffee and cricket are the soul of Jamaica, are the pastimes of Jamaica. The town center still holds oral traditions, such as discussing an idea to exhaustion, often simply a game of dominoes fight fiercely on a terrace or porch.



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Actually, there are lots of reasons why we should love Jamaica, aside from the beautiful beaches that has been its primary image to everyone, we should also know that Jamaica is lucky to have its people. If ever you will e given the chance to be there, you will realize how accommodating and friendly people there are. Jamaicans are very hospitable and know how to welcome their guests. It's a good thing they are like that!

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Jamaica is really a very colorful island!


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