Are you Grilling today?

This July 4th, celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave with a selection of culinary specialties from regions around the country. From Kansas City-style ribs to Maryland-inspired crab cake burgers, How about these ideas grilled burgers, ribs, seafood, chicken, and barbecue-worthy side dishes.

So here are some tips for making a classic burger.

1. Hamburger meat, it all starts with the beef. Use 80/20 hamburger, that’s 80% meat to 20% fat, the ideal ratio for burgers. Skip the trendy new “lean” ratios of 90/10 or 95/5, they make dry burgers. If you really want to go retro (and are not worried about the fat,) try the 70/30.
2. Get fresh ground if you can. It is a lot harder to find nowadays, but check the meat counter at your grocery store to see if they have a fresh daily grind behind the glass.
3. When working with hamburger meat, make sure everything is cold including your hands. You do not want any of the fat melting or your burger will lose its texture and dry out when cooked. So run your hands through some cold water before touching the meat. Have a Happy and safe 4th all.



Nowadays people celebrate everyday with new title and we can see this about 4th July also. We can read here that what is the purpose and reason of the celebration of 4th July and we should be thankful for this information.

02/16/2017 1:39am

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08/31/2017 9:12pm

As a family, we are used of having grilled dishes once a week. It's the time that we bond as a family, and make sure to enjoy it. We usually cook burgers also, and some healthy barbecues. In our family the same thing we like the most is cooking, I think that it is already in our blood, because our Grandfather and Grand mother used to be a chef. They are the best chefs we know, I remember the times that they cook some classy dishes for us at home, we don't need to go to a fancy restaurant just to taste them. Enjoy your day!

04/12/2017 3:05am

What are you going to do on this year Independent day? Are you plan a conservative BBQ?

08/25/2017 7:21am

Thank you so much for this recipe, you didn't know how much this made me happy! I know July 4 has already passed but I can still cook burgers in a normal day, right? I really love burgers! I know it has really lots of calories and fats and eating too much of it can get you sick, but I believe that we can still eat it if we will just know our limits. Every Sunday, we have this family day and one of our favorite things to do is to eat lunch together in our backyard. I believe that with this recipe, I will be able to make really good burgers that me and my family will surely enjoy. Thank you so much for this!


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