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Croatia is an Eastern European country with long coastlines on the beautiful Adriatic Sea, encompassing more than a thousand islands, crossed by the Dinaric Alps and dotted with gorgeous old castles. Its inland capital, Zagreb, is distinguished by its medieval Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and diverse old century museums. The major coastal city Dubrovnik has massive 16th-century walls encircling an Old Town with Gothic and Renaissance architectural design buildings.

You’ll find the most interesting architecture, excellent food and wine, tons of historical, cultural and natural sites to take your breath away Croatian waterfalls are awesome. They consist of 16 interconnected lakes separated by many waterfalls. And the color of the water is just spectacular. As a visitor you can see all the imaginable shades of blue and green. Need some more? There are 
(7 Unesco World heritage sites, and even 8 national Parks), there are great beaches, and loads of activities to do- from sailing, rafting, kayaking, kite-surfing, and even zip-lining, truffle hunting, paragliding and of coarse rock climbing. 

Go on a wine tour

Wine is important part of Croatian lifestyle, and it has always played an important role in the country’s economy. Viticulture in Croatia dates back to times of ancient Greek colonists. They were the first ones to bring vine to the islands of Vis, Hvar and Korcula. 

Many indigenous grape varieties are still found in Croatia (like red variety Plavac mali or white variety Istarska Malvazija). The wine making history in Croatia was somehow turbulent (as many things in Croatia are). During the communist rule, the wine was mostly  produced in large cooperatives, all belonging to the State. One wouldn’t say that the quality really mattered back then. However, since mid-1990s, a new generation of wine makers in Croatia decided to make quality Croatian wines. And this quest has never stopped since.

Looking for something to Eat?

Let me tell you this - The food in Croatia is wonderful - We are always looking for a new place to eat, new olive oil to taste or a new recipe to try out at home. Croatians mainly use seasonal ingredients, their food is influenced by many neighboring countries, but yet it’s original in its own way. At the coast Croatian cuisine is typical Mediterranean cuisine with lots of  veggies, fish and other seafood, and one of the best olive oils I have eaten in my entire life. If you are in Croatia, particularly in Istria, you need to taste olive oil. 



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Croatia, a European country, is situated along the Adriatic Sea and its hinterland. Croatia's pleasures are more timeless than trendy. Moving along its 1778km coastline, experience a glistening sea winds around rocky coves, lapping at pine-fringed beaches. For more information on this, please see swimming in Atlantis-bali-diving.com.

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If you haven’t booked a flight to Croatia yet, it’s time to start looking. I honestly did not have any clue Croatia was even a country when my boyfriend booked our flight there. As embarrassing as it is, I had literally never heard of it before, but now I can’t stop talking about it. After traveling for nine days to three different cities, I can vouch for Croatia as one of the best coastal countries in Europe. Not only are the prices great, but the food is even better. It’s a heavenly mix of Mediterranean and Italian flavors with a delicious seafood twist. The calamari, four-cheese tortellini, green pasta with salmon, big ass shrimp and grilled veggies were to die for. Almost anywhere you go, you’ll be swept away by the beautiful scenery. There are waterfalls, national parks, hiking trails and thousands of uninhabited islands ready for exploring. It’ll just make your jaw drop. While all the adventure is great, nothing beats just jumping in the Adriatic Sea. there are very few sandy beaches in Croatia, but that shouldn’t stop you from heading to the beach. The water is the perfect temperature to cool off from the hot weather and it’s crystal clear. I’ve traveled all through Europe and Croatia is by far my favorite and it’ll be yours too.


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I was in Croatia few times ago and I must say this is a pretty cheap and good vacation. The main advantage of Croatia is definitely a warm sea.


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