1. Location: Where is the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean is located between Africa and Austral-Asia and the Southern Ocean.

There are many islands in the Indian Oceans, among the most well-known are:

  • Mauritius
  • Reunion
  • Seychelles
  • Madagascar
  • The Comores (Spain)
  • Maldives (Portugal)
  • Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon

2. Name: Why 'Indian' ocean? 

The name originates from the location around the Indian penisula. The Indian Ocean is actually the youngest of the major oceans.

3. Size: How big is the Indian Ocean? 

The Indian Ocean is the world’s third largest ocean and covers 20% of the Earth’s surface, after the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. In size the Indian Ocean is comparable with roughly 5.5 times the size of the USA.

4.    Width: The greatest width of the ocean is between western Australia and eastern coast of Africa: 1,000km or 620miles.

5. Depth: How deep is the Indian Ocean? 

The lowest point is in the Java Trench which is about 7,258 metres (23,812ft.) deep. The average depth is about 3,890 metres (12,762 ft.).

6. Temperature: How warm are the waters of the Indian Ocean?

The temperatures of the Indian Ocean depend on the location and on the ocean's currents. The nearer to the Equator the warm the water tends to be. The temperature of 28 degrees Celsius/82 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is reached in coastal regions near the equator. 

On average the Indian Ocean has a minimum temperature of around 22 degrees Celsius. However in the southern regions, nearer to the polar regions the temperatures drop drastically below 40 degrees latitude south.

7. Important Waterways: Suez Canal in Egypt, the Strait of Malacca between Malaysia and Indonesia are the two most well known waterways in the Indian Ocean. The man-made Suez Canal connects to the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea.

8. Indian Ocean Seaports:  Among the major seaports of the Indian Ocean, remember these major ports:

  • Singapore has the busiest container port on the Indian Ocean.
  • Mumbai and Chennai ports in India
  • Aden (Yemen)
  • Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Mombasa (Kenya)
  • Durban (South Africa), the largest and busiest port in Africa

9. Indian Ocean Facts: 
Some big coastal cities situated along the Indian Ocean are:

  • Mumbai (India)
  • Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • Perth (Australia)
  • Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania)
  • Durban (South Africa)

10. Indian Ocean Sealife: The Indian Ocean provides home to many endangered sea species such as turtles, seals and dugongs (also called sea cows). 



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Thank you for sharing these facts. I must say that the works of nature is very stunning and jaw-dropping. I love water formations. I specifically love seas and oceans. I love staying at the beach and just hearing the waves crash upon each other. It is such a relaxing feeling.

11/29/2017 11:57pm

Studies show that the water level of the Indian Ocean has been increasing for the past years. The atmosphere has an effect on this rise. Further studies have to be made to check if the said water rise would continue and what would be the effect to the neighboring countries.

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